Türk Kahvesi Kitabı (The Turkish Coffee Book)
Author: Emine Gürsoy Naskali

The Turkish Coffee Book was created on the idea of bringing together the accumulation of information about coffee in our culture. Inclusion of many Turkish songs, saying and proverbs demonstrates how Turkish coffee had become an integral part of our traditions and culture. The book addresses the place of Turkish coffee in Divan poetry, courtesy rituals, legends involving coffee, coffee fortune telling, coffee’s image among children, introduction to the necessary utensils and equipment for proper preparation and presentation of coffee and, of course, writings about coffeehouses.

Publisher : Kitabevi Publishers
Date : 2011
Language : Turkish
Pages : 598
Price : 40 TL (incl. tax) + cargo


Kahve - Kırk Yıllık Hatırın Kitabı
(A Cup of Coffee - A Special Memory of 40 Years)
Author: Emine Gürsoy Naskali

Kahve - Kırk Yıllık Hatırın Kitabı (A Cup of Coffee - A Special Memory of 40 Years), a very important multi-faceted book edited by the well-known culture historian Prof. Emine Gürsoy Naskali, traces coffee’s path from the second half of the 16th Century when it was first consumed on this soil to the indispensible status that it carries today. Incorporating the writings of historians, art historians, musicologists, and folklorists who are addressing such subjects as coffeehouses, the geographical spread of coffee, its place in the folk memory, the styles of cups used in the Ottoman Palace, Bach’s cantata about coffee, the registered coffeehouses in the Ottoman census, and the etymology of words such as telve (coffee grounds), this book stands out among all the books about coffee that have been published, both for the topics it includes and for the rich use of visual materials,

Publisher : Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publishing
Year : 2012
Language : Turkish
Pages : 228
Price : 85 TL (incl. tax) + cargo
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