For the salmon:

  • 150 gr. water
  • 5 gr. salt
  • 5 gr. sugar
  • 4, 180-gr. salmon fillets, skin removed 

For the fennel:

  • 1 fennel root cut on a salami slicing machine 5 mm thick
  • 75 gr. water
  • 30 gr. butter
  • 10 gr. sugar
  • 4 gr. salt

For the Turkish coffee buerre blanc sauce:

  • Prepare a standard buerre blanc sauce. Add  to it:
  • 15 gr. Turkish coffee
  • 1 star anise ground to powder

For the fennel puree:

  • 2 fennel roots
  • 200 gr. butter
  • 500 gr. water
  • 3 gr. apple vinegar
  • 3 gr. salt
  • fennel leaves, thinly sliced

For the garniture:

  • 50-60 gr. boiled black beans
  • 4-5 grilled brussels sprouts
  • 4-5 slices pickled chili pepper  
  • 1 stalk asparagus
  • finely minced fennel leaves
  • Finely chopped chives

For the salmon skin:

  • 25 gr. salmon skin in a single piece
  • 5 gr. Activa
  • 5 gr. water (10-25o C)
  • frying oil

For the salmon dressing: Combine the items for the sauce in a pan and warm slightly until the salt and sugar are melted. Chill and place the fish in this mixture 4-5 min. Remove fish and rinse and dry them. Combine them with the butter in a vacuum cooking bag.

For the salmon skin pillow: Lay the salmon skin out flat without crushing it, place in vacuum cooking bag and cook 3 hours at  85 C. Remove bag and allow to cool. Remove from the bag and cut into 4 cm x 4 cm squares. Brush 3 mm around the edges of the skin pieces with Activa and water. Stick the two pieces of skin together like a sandwich. Again place in a vacuum bag and refrigerate 6 hours. Fry at 180o C until the center swells up.

For the fennel: Combine all the ingredients in a small saucepan and cook on low flame. When the steam rises the fennel starts to cook, add butter and sugar so it forms a glaze and turns to a caramel color. Remove from heat and allow it to cool to room temperature. When almost ready to serve, flip on the grill to warm it.

For the pickled peppers: slice the chili pepper in 0.5 cm. rings and soak in rice vinegar. Can be kept in refrigerator for months.

For the fennel puree: Cut the fennel in brunoise strips. Melt butter over a low flame. Add fennel and cook, turning frequently over a low flame until soft, about 40-45 min. Add a little water as necessary to prevent sticking. Puree in blender, adding water if needed to get the desired consistency. Add salt. Strain through a chinoise sieve. When ready to serve heat in a double boiler

For the garniture: Boil the black beans that have been soaked overnight. Cut the brussels sprouts in 2 and fry to a golden color (4-5 minutes). Cut the asparagus stalk diagonally in 2-3 cm slices and boil. Combine beans, sprouts and asparagus in a saucepan. Add the French onion, fennel root and fennel leaves and blend. Moisten with beurre blanc sauce.

For the presentation:  Using the back of a spoon spread some fennel puree from one end of the platter to the other. Cook the salmon in a vacuum bag at 52o C for 18 minutes. Place on the puree at one end. Fry the salmon skin in a fryer and lay over the puree at the other end. Place one chili pepper on top.

On the remainder of the platter arrange the garniture of beans, chili pepper, baby radish, caramelized fennel, asparagus, chives and fennel leaves. Warm the buerre blanc sauce in a small saucepan and whip in a hand blender, warm it and spoon onto the salmon at table.

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