For the pears:

  • 300 gr. butter
  • 4 pears

For the Turkish Coffee Butterscotch Ice Cream:

  • 300 gr. milk
  • 80 gr. sugar
  • 40 gr. butter
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 10 gr. milk powder

For the ice cream cones:

  • 1 yufka (paper-thin phyllo dough)
  • Powdered sugar
  • Melted butter, cooled

For the cocoa reduction sauce:

  • 50 gr. sugar
  • 60 ml. water
  • 30 gr. cocoa


Ice Cream: Boil the milk. In a saucepan combine 70 gr. sugar and the water and cook until the sugar is caramelized. Add the boiled milk to this, stir over low flame until completely smooth. Heat the butter in a different saucepan until it is brown butter. Beat remaining 10 grams sugar with the egg yolk and gradually stir in the caramel, milk powder and coffee. Place the saucepan on low flame and cook until it foams. This can also be prepared using a double boiler. It is ready on reaching 85o C. Place in a blast chiller and store in the refrigerator 1 night. Next day freeze in an ice cream maker.  

Pears: Melt butter and bring to a light brown color (150o C), remove from heat and cool immediately. Peel pears and add to butter. Poach pears on low flame until completely soft. Set aside.

Cones: Roll out the yufka. Cut in triangles. Brush each of them with butter on both sides and sprinkle powdered sugar over it. Wrap around a metal cone and place over it another cone. Bake in a 180oC oven until golden brown. 

Cocoa Reduction Sauce:

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