Cultural Event for the Story of Turkish Coffee organized on 21 May 2016 by Yunus Emre Institute hosted Osman Serim, founding member of Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Foundation, as a spokesperson for our foundation. After the presentation “Story of Turkish Coffee”, visitors were offered Turkish Coffee and Turkish delight and the event was concluded.

Standard study for Turkish coffee and “standard search” workshop... It was found necessary to perform standard studies regarding Turkish coffee, which was listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2013 under the name “Turkish Coffee Culture and Tradition”, to set standards and have these standards internationally accepted for the interest of relevant commercial entities of the country.

Under the leadership of Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Foundation, with contribution of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and in the care of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the workshop that took place in Culinary Arts Academy plans to establish guidelines and create a draft on “Turkish Coffee Standards” agreement.

Authorities from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, academicians, representatives of real and legal entities regarded as authorities in commercial or cultural Turkish coffee activities and coffee enthusiasts participated in the Turkish coffee standards search workshop which was organized for the first time.

TKKAD Vice President Osman Serim pointed out that Turkish coffee does not have a universally accepted standard, causing internationally mispresenting of Turkish coffee which is a natural competitor of other coffee preparation methods and, in an area of such ever-increasing economic importance, that this situation became a commercial obstacle causing unjust competition for our companies.